3 Reasons why your business is struggling

With the rate that the digital industry is expanding, you are basically giving your customers away to your competitors by neglecting these 3 very important areas. You might say you cant afford them, Ill tell you why you cant afford to go without them!


The cost of owning a domain name and having a up-to-date, functioning website is a mere pitance compared to what you are losing from not having one.

If you are piggy-backing off another domain, with a sub-standard website, or even worse than that no website at all. Your customers are likely to have little or no respect for your business and, even worse, be put off entirely.

The reason for this is simple. You havent invested in your own business, so why should they. This shows a lack of professionalism and is an indicator to many of untrustworthiness.


If you dont market, nobody knows that you do what you do. You spend hours posting in facebook groups and get a few comments and even more frustrating just likes, or nothing at all. Those who do comment turn out to be dead ends.

Well thats because you arent speaking directly to your audience. Its hit and miss, mostly miss. Social Media Marketing is becoming smarter everyday. You can target your customers right down to what kind of sauce they like on their chips. And because it is so effective, its far cheaper than many other paid services, like Adwords for example. Effective and affordable! There are hundreds of millions of your customers on Facebook right now who could be contacting you and you could be paying as little as R100 for all that traffic.
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Blindly emailing anyone and everyone can get you into serious trouble! Believe me I have been there. Your emails might be ending up as spam as you could’ve been blacklisted as a spammer for sending emails to the wrong people. No one would notify you of this. You would just be spending hours creating emails, only for them to be ignored.

With all of the traffic generated from the tactics mentioned above you can start marketing to people who want to know about your offers. No more stealing email addresses wherever you can find them and blindly sending out emails. You know the people on your database are engaged and interested in your business.

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